If it is difficult for you to pick up a suitable hat you should pay attention to Italian brand INVERNI specializing in accessories. The company was founded in 1982 in Florence and at first it specialized in traditional hats made from thin straws but due to some demands the time posed the company had to change the product line.

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The only thing that is still 100% true about the brand is that it is the first class brand having the high quality, being devoted to the best style. INVERNI designers work only with natural fabrics — cashmere, alpaca, silk, wool, cotton and linen. They use organza, velvet, veil, handmade laces, fur, feathers of rare birds, INVERNI can surprise. Variety of materials and textures, interesting models of the hats never influence the main function of a hat — protection from the cold and wind. Except simple hats the brand produces floppy hats, berets, scarves, gloves, boas, fur things for men and women. It is interesting that INVERNI is one of the most enthusiastic collectors of antique accessories and hats, the collection counts more than thousand models many of which are of museum value.

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