Japanese designers speak a special language of beauty and esthetics. Their credo is talent and courage, constructivism and innovation, clear and correct lines, laconism and wordless. Issey Miyake is one of the brightest and respected representative of the Japanese fashion though being characterized by minimalism. This brand appeared in 1970 and since that moment the maximum attention has always been paid to fabrics, fashion style and prints.

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The first collection was created by Issey Miyake when he was 25 only. He was looking for the impression in the national Japanese costume but he once he was an apprentice of Europeans Givenchy and Guy Laroche. He tried new techniques and was the one to bring them into the international fashion. His new style combined comfort with visual beauty of the clothes. He united the East and the West reconsidered the culture of things, offered new technologies, completely new fashions, original concepts, collections attracted by ascetism, unpredictability, advancement. Many of his models are universal, one-size, often include many folds, pleats, gofers, buckles, they usually don’t have clasps, buttons, zips and snap buttons. In contrast to European fashion style which lays emphasis and accentuates Miyake drapes, covers and hides. The form is not the most important, material is much more important, its texture and quality. Designer personally developed more than 300 new kinds of fabric! They contained rubber, plastic, wire, fiber optics, nanofiber, paper, he could sew from almost anything. That as the reason he got prestigious Japanese award Kyoto Prize for «applying cutting edge technologies in the field of art and philosophy», National Order of the Legion of Honour and the Doctor’s degree of the King's College ofLondon for creating new type of Pleats Please fabric. These clothes are always very comfortable, you will never feel discomfort because of any stitches, belts or folds which is one of the most important criterions for beauty understanding in Japan. Today Issey Miyake produces men’s and women’s collections, accessories, perfume, shoes, textile. The creative designer of the brand is Yoshiyuki Miyamaebut Issey Miyake still supervisors the brand and all the branches. Modern collections are inspired by the nature and brand’s archives — they look like picturesque pieces of art where the geometry, textures are in the focus of the attention as well as the famous narrow pleats.

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