The jeans brand 'JACOB COHEN' was established in 1985 by the italian designer Tato Bardelle, the founder of 'outsider', 'kinghino' and 'americanino'. The second wind came when his son Nicola, who joined the brand team in 2003 and who considered the jeans a means of self-expression, not mere work wear. Nicola had been searching for his own perfect pair – comfortable but stylish jeans, which subsequently he managed to create on his own under the label of 'JACOB COHEN'.

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The premium class jeans has taken their own place in the market among other deluxe brands of jeanswear. The jeans by 'JACOB COHEN' are perfection, they are resistant and durable. They are processed without application of the abrasive chemicals: the cotton fabric is rinsed out and cleaned several times, it undergoes rumpling and squeeze, the tiny details are worked out with the help of pumice. The branded finishing accessories (buttons and studs) are silver-plated. The jeans articles by 'JACOB COHEN' are seamed with chain-stitch. All the collections are released in limited edition and, interestingly, each one is accompanied by its own fragrance. The exclusiveness of 'JACOB COHEN' can be traced in everything: in every single pair of jeans there is packed with cotton bag with the coloured thread for the decorative stitch, a small pumice-stone, a piece of clothing for polishing the silver-plated studs and a kerchief made of silk or cotton. The jeans by 'JACOB COHEN' are extremely popular in Japan, Holland, Belgium, Germnay, Spain and France – Europe has always appreciated the merited quality.

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