«Karl Lagerfeld» is the brand of Karl Lagerfeld who has been working with many Fashion Houses such as Сhanel, Chloe and Fendi. The brand has existed sicne 1984 and Karl Lagerfeld personally develops each collection and advertising campaign. It comprises men’s and women’s collections, accessoriesб shoes, perfume and watches. The name of Karl Lagerfeld needs no introduction, it is one of the best known in the fashion industry.

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He is a world famous fashion designer, photographer, film director, Pirelli 2011 calendar creator, National Order of the Legion of Honour holder. The maestro says about himself in the following way: «I am like a chameleon, I feel several people living inside me. Creating is like breathing for me. I don’t spend time sitting and thinking about it. When I am leading the team of Chanel I am the brand myself. When I go to Rome and lead the team of Fendi, I am Fendi. I begin working on a new collection the day before I show the previous one». In spite of his serious age, Karl celebrates his 80 th anniversary in 2018 he impresses everybody with his working efficiency, he creates collections for several brands, take parts in photo sessions, heading advertising campaigns, publishing books, being the editor of several fashion magazines. His personal brand reflects the character of the creator: all time style, German accuracy, modesty, exclusiveness, aristocratism, sensuality and elegant sexuality.

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