Kendall Jenner is one of the most popular supermodels of the modern times. She is a real phenomenon, an Instagram sensation, her life is followed by people all around the world in real time regime, she is popular and in great demand.

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Apart from dreaming to be a model Kendall has always dreamt to be a designer and in 2016 she together with her sister launched the brand KENDALL + KYLIE. Their ultra fashionable and qualitative lines of clothes have at once been highly assessed by all the girls having good taste. Collections include different models beginning from jeans and jumpsuits finishing with swimsuits and T-shirts as well as favorite sisters’ crop-tops, short dresses, boho style clothes and shoes. KENDALL + KYLIE is more than just fashion. It is the realization of the American dream. It is freedom, freedom in everything, in style and freedom from stereotypes. This kind of clothes is for the girls who like Kendall and Kylie are used to working hard, achieve what they want and enjoy each moment of life.
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