The brand was founded by a japanese designer Kenzo Takada. He was born in a small village in Japan and took a great interest in fashion by reading the magazines of his sisters. Later on he became a student of Tokyo's bunka fashion college. In the 70’s Kenzo opened his first boutique called ‘Jungle Jap’ and in 1983 released his debut menswear collection and opened the first ‘KENZO’ boutique in New York.

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The first collection was distinct for the straight and laconic silhouettes, accentuated by the rich colour scheme and the fabric textures. Kenzo Takada elaborately constitutes his own ‘Parisian japan’, the picturesque and fashionable, the glamourous and unique. In 1999 Antonio Marras undertook the position of the brand’s creative director. Being faithful to the traditions of ‘KENZO’ he added his individual recognisable attitude. Twice a year Marras made for ‘KENZO’ extremely precious and spectacular fashion shows at Paris fashion week. The tropical plants, the live birds, the rain of the rose petals – all this in total combined with the geometric constructions stand for the exotic and lyrical cocktail by Marras. In 2011 he was replaced by the american duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the founders of the fashion retailer ‘opening ceremony’. Collaborating with ‘KENZO’, they did not give up their own business. ‘LYMN GROUP’, to which ‘KENZO’ belongs, appreciated the duo’s versatility and potential. The designers were hired not only for making the new releases of clothing, but with a view to renovate the brand by means of innovative solutions. The newly came creative directors were to refresh the brand and give it an impetus for further development. And as it was expected, ‘KENZO’ rejuvenated and changed for better, the first collection by the new designer’s duo turned to be a fresh breeze followed by the total renewal of the proper conception of ‘KENZO’.

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