KITON fashion house was founded in 1960 in naples, italy, by Chiro Paone. Today it's managed by his nephew Antonio De Matteis. The company is producing menswear and womenswear from the highest quality fabrics and with the perfect cut. The amount of the product is not big - only 18000 men's suits. KITON has the boutiques allover the world and the customers are offered the bespoke service.

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The working process with the client is starting from choosing the fabric out of the wide range. Making one KITON suit takes up to 20 hours, making of the most famous brand's suit "k-50" takes up to 50 hours and the price in 50000 $. The brand is using a very expensive fabric for the shirts, colourful silk for the ties - everything to satisfy each customer. The combination of the elegance, simplicity, comfort is the trade mark of the brand. KITON suits are worn by the famous politicians, businessmen and businesswomen.

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