L.B.M. 1911

The brand called 'LUBIAM' and its subsidiary 'l.B.M. 1911' are not merely the traditional, but also the oldest italian family business on production of the classic menswear. Originality, uniqueness, authenticity and traditional craftsmanship are the intrinsic merits of the brand whose roots can be traced back since 1898. The company never dealt with the ordinary looks and could see something special behind the conventional men’s casual.

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The brand’s clientele know that they never fail stylistically if they choose the garments by 'l.B.M. 1911' and have no doubts as for the excellent quality of the brand’s items. Each collection do not stand only for the certain design and cut, but also conveys that particular casual chic impression, which affects and transforms the modern men’s look. 'LUBIAM’ appeared in 1939, the brand’s name is the acronym for Luigi Bianchi Mantova. As distinguished from it, the line 'l.B.M. 1911' is meant mainly for the young gentlemen and is distinct for the bright colour palette with non-trivial shades, youthful silhouettes and exclusive quality fabrics: the wool produced by 'LORO PIANA’, ‘ZEGNA’, ‘CERRUTI’ and other italian deluxe manufacturers. One of the most obvious advantages of the brand’s articles is their perfect fit, unsurpassed durability and seasonal universality. The statement ‘Italians know better’ is absolutely applicable to 'l.B.M. 1911'. The brand’s tailors have always been in advance due to the ultimate attention to details, to the precious materials and the profound knowledge of the male anatomy. 'l.B.M. 1911' is the sum of the best fabrics, the perfect cut, time-consuming laborious work of the high-skilled masters and the unquestionable top quality in every detail.

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