It is a real gem of the underwear fashion. That is how Jean Paul Gaultier characterized this italian brand. Initially each article by ‘LA PERLA’ used to be packed into the box of red velvet, decorated with a pearl. The brand was established in 1954 by Ada Mazotti, who practiced sewing corsets for the well-to-do ladies. Soon ‘LA PERLA’ atelier turned into the authoritative fashion house, one of the leading brands in the underwear market.

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The earliest examples, created in the 50’s of the last century, were fabulous for those times: it was a marvellous combination of handmade lace and embroidery, silk and cotton. The brand introduced several important innovations, for example – the multicoloured sets, which before ‘LA PERLA’ used to be only black and white in colour. In the 70’s the brand was the first to test the new elastic lace and used it in the production of bodysuits. Nowadays the underwear collections by ‘LA PERLA’ are recognized among the best in the world. The long silk nightdresses, tiny openwork panties, glamour bodysuits, the tuxedo-like pyjamas – each item is ‘LA PERLA’.

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