‘LE SILLA’ was founded in 1994 in Italy by the designer Enio Silla and his wife Monica Ciabattini as the brand of deluxe footwear and accessories. The women’s bent for the high heels and the proven quality of the brand’s items will constantly encourage the flourishing of ‘LE SILLA’. Enio Silla is responsible for shoe designing and Monica takes the position of the company’s creative director.

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Each pair of shoes by ‘LE SILLA’ is so expressive and self-sufficient that immediately engrosses attention regardless of the entire outfit. It is the materialized embodiment of femininity and sensuality – the high heels, the pleasing rounded lines, delicate colours and well-processed suede just alluring to touch. ‘LE SILLA’ is well recognised and appreciated by the celebrities; the brand’s collections are present in the leading galleries of the world and are always associated with luxury and the italian chic. It is widely thought that wearing the stilettos by ‘LE SILLA’ is just as comfortable as wearing the low heels, because each pair of shoes undergoes the testing procedure and is to be improved to perfection by the brand’s specialists. With remarkable alacrity Enio Silla experiments with forms, materials and finishing, and his credo is fresh ideas and focus on details. The comfortable last, stable high heels, unusual materials (fur, for example), exquisite décor and astonishing design of the shoes by ‘LE SILLA’ keep one’s walking natural, easy and eye-catching. The brand suggests the extremely trendy designs as well as the classic and demi-sports models.

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