‘LES COPAINS’ is the premium quality clothing made of cashmere and the unusual, elegant and feminine designs of the excellent knitwear. The brand was initiated by the italian master Mario Bandiera in the 50’s. Since then the brand has been treated as one of the main experts in the field of high quality knitwear production.

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It is Mario Bandiera, who invented the light and slim-fitting pullover, which was sculpting figure and making it look fresh and slender. The name for the brand was taken from the popular radio show called 'SALUT LES COPAINS’. Nowadays the company is famous for its clothing collections (men’s, women’s and youth’s) as well as the lines of footwear, accessories and perfumery. For a long time ‘LES COPAINS’ used to collaborate with such renowned designers as Gaetano Navarra and Antonio Marras and this fact contributed to the brand’s popularity. The quality of the materials used in production still remains at its best and the representative 'Made in Italy’ label is absolutely deserved – ‘LES COPAINS’ keeps on implementing the latest technologies and releasing brilliant and creative collections. The garments by ‘LES COPAINS’ has turned into the symbol of style, glamour, freedom and definitely of the exquisite taste.

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