The designer’s credo by Lorena Antoniazzi is the combination of pragmatics and creativity revealing all the advantages of knitwear. Lorena Antoniazzi studied art in Verona, then – architecture in Venice, used to work as a buyer, as the assistant of Enrico Coveri in Venice and later – of Claude Montana in Paris, where particularly she was engaged in development of the knitwear line.

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After collaboration with Montana, Senora Antoniazzi used to work over the knitwear line collections for ‘GIORGIO ARMANI’ for 5 years. The release of her own collection was supported by her husband Gianluca Mirabassi. Nowadays the knitwear by ‘LORENA ANTONIAZZI’ is considered one of the best in the world. One of its obvious advantages is innovation. The company had started producing seamless knitwear when there wasn’t special machinery for it. Since the first day to present Lorena personally has undertaken the control over all stages of production, beginning with selection and processing of the materials to the ready article. The yarn is also made-in or by the premium italian brands, it is used for production of the airy modern knitwear – cashmere and the finest wool are mixed, for example, with natural silk or other ecological fiber. In respect of the collections’ designs, Lorena puts a special emphasis on the so valuable qualities of our times – femininity and sensuality. The brand’s clientele mainly consists of successful women, who are up there with the excellent items by ‘LORENA ANTONIAZZI’. The woman, opting for ‘LORENA ANTONIAZZI’, is a careerist, who travels a lot and want to feel comfortable and elegant.

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