LORO PIANA holds a special place among the recognized global brands. The brand produces collections of men's and women's clothes, accessories, gifts, and fabrics of unparalleled quality using the best types of wool and satisfying the pickiest and the most sophisticated demands.

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The designers and artisans of LORO PIANA get their inspiration from deep understanding of the lifestyle, needs, and interests of their clients: they keep the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The brand guarantees the high standards in every stage of production, starting with research and selection of the best natural fibers for threads and fabrics and ending with the design for the exclusive premium clothing. The brand always stays true to its principles — it is a classic Italian elegance regardless of time and seasons, the mood in the collections is always calmly elegant. There are also lines for elite sports and ready-made fabrics — they are used for tailoring by the most affluent global brands. The brand's history goes back to 19th century when the Loro Piana family has started to work with wool and later set up a weaving factory. Merino wool and cashmere are delivered from the best manufacturers in Australia, New Zealand, China, and Mongolia. Since 1994 the brand holds the exclusive rights for the usage of Peruvian vicuna wool, but it also uses new materials — for example, lotus fiber. Specialists pay the closest attention to the selection of raw material to guarantee the highest quality to their clients. LORO PIANA is not only the reputation but also a lifestyle brought to perfection; progressive and innovative solutions; satisfaction of the most demanding requirements with the respect for the environment.

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