Italian brand that doesn’t need introduction is the greatest producer of men and women bags, travel bags, accessories, perfume. The story of the company dates back to 1977 but still for more than 40 years the brand remains peculiar, fresh and modern.

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Since 1989 and till now MANDARINA DUCK has been given a lot of prizes: for the best design, for creative research, for the best advertising campaign, etc. Its symbol is a mandarin duck and is chosen not by chance apart from bright colors, this duck is able to fly long distances and often changes the habitat. These qualities are reflected in the brand concept: bags, suitcases, backpacks, accessories are considered to be reliable, suitable for every day usage or long voyages as well as active activities. Bright colors, high quality leather and its modern analogues, stylish accessories — everything is intended to help you to choose something worthy. The MANDARINA DUCK bag is a perfect accent attracting attention and presenting only positive emotions.
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