At first sight this italian brand seems extremely bold – its collections are rich in exquisite items, bright colours and gaudy prints in the style of the 70’s, but the secret of the brand’s success lies exactly in this unconventionality. The brand’s founder Consuelo Castiglioni was born in Switzerland and married the president of ‘GIWI FURS’, which was a part of the italian fashion house of FENDI.

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When the family business was going through a difficult time, she put all her efforts to restore it, trying to transform the very elite status of the fur products: she combined the incompatible, dyed the fur, left plain edges, used cheaper types of fur, such as: goat, squirrel, rabbit, though often combined them with the precious mink and sable. Hence, in 1994 there appeared a new brand, which she named after her sister – ‘MARNI’. In 1999 they launched own production and in 2007 the first menswear collection was released. Eventually, Consuelo forsook the fur and switched to the casual clothing. Nowadays the brand’s hallmark is cheerful colours and abstract patterns, embroidery, prints and applique works. ‘MARNI’ offers full skirts, tops, wraparound dresses and fashionable accessories. All garments by 'MARNI' are imbued with the memories of youth: all the collection reminiscent the spirit of 70's, but in a modern interpretation. In the very beginning the name of the brand was erroneously associated with a line of 'ARMANI', but after the first fashion shows it became obvious: clothing by 'MARNI' is absolutely unique and unparalleled. The looks by 'MARNI' perfectly fit those, who are fond of the eclectic combinations, intertwining geometric patterns and sporty style. 'MARNI' has its boutiques in more than 20 countries all over the world.

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