The Russian brand MA YA has been founded by Maria Didarova. When she is creating her collections she is inspired by ethnic motives of India, Tibet, Birma, Peru, she tries to reflect the harmony and philosophy of the eastern world in the brand as well as unity with nature, her soul balance and enlightening after practicing. She says: “I wanted to materialize the image of the Woman being the timeless Goddess”. Authentic silhouettes are reconsidered in accord with the modern trends and unique casual and evening looks are created.

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The MA YA woman is unique as well, her sexuality is not deliberate, she is not aggressive, she doesn’t have to prove she is superior. She has harmonic and balanced personality, she values comfort, beauty and her own feelings. The first collection was introduced during the Moscow Fashion week (autumn-winter 2014/15) and immediately gained the best positive reviews. Since that moment and till now the brand has been developing successfully and still attracts a lot of interest. The collections of the brand comprise light coats with beautiful folds, gorgeous silk blouses and romantic dresses. Prints inspired by flowers, paradise birds and tender color shades are in the centre of attention of the MA YA brand. Seductive, unexpected, tender and surprising are only some adjectives which can describe MA YA looks. Each impresses and becomes a perfect frame for the woman’s beauty, the woman who is in harmony with the world around her.

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