Saint Barth is one of the islands of the Caribbean sea, and one of the most favorite place rich and famous people like to visit during holidays. The first and the most famous visitors of the island were the Rothschild and Rockefeller families. Italian clothes brand for beach and holiday MC2 Saint Barth fully corresponds its name and is distinguished by its high quality, first of all.

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Brand produces men and women collections, ideas are prompted by the emerald sea, azure sky and white sand beaches. They are characterized by bright colors and original, sometimes even ironic design. Bohemian environment, rich colors, luxury and glamour take on different forms of different beach fashion designs for any occasion and resorts. You can wear MC2 Saint Barth from morning till night due to materials of high quality which become dry very quickly and the form as well the color doesn’t suffer from it. Apart from bathing suits for women and men the brand produces beach accessories — towels, bags, bright T-shirts with special prints, shirts, Bermuda shorts. MC2 Sainth Barth brand is a speaking illustration of great the French elegancy and modern Italian chic combination.

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