MDCI Parfums makes exquisite niche aromas created by the canons of French perfumery school. Unbelievably diverse, they can accurately recreate past eras with modern means. Its aromas have three levels of notes.

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The brand was established by Claude Marchale who united several well known perfumers. HE believes that fabulous perfumes are not on par with mass industry: «Great perfume is, first of all, art, a work of something beautiful, the source of joy and pride». MDCI Parfums aromas are unique not only by their composition, but also by the bottles’ design: it combines elements from Renaissance era, antique sculptures and ancient buildings. Crystal bottles are placed in caskets with hand-made silk-lining, all of them are signed, numbered and certified as authentic. They are decorated with gilded bronze ring, which can be replaced with 10-karat gold ring with the engraving. MDCI Parfums creates only limited collections, on a quarterly basis, since the company believes that perfume is a work of art and cannot be sold en masse. Masters pick aroma’s notes manually without any financial restrictions. The result of this is the unique aromas out or precious materials, that have become one of the most wanted aromas for the selective perfumery enthusiasts. They bring respect and joy to people; they are meant to be worn not for the everyday life but for special occasions: celebrations, festivals, grand ceremonies.
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