Modern Italian brand of the outer wear appeared in 2006 in the region called Marke and was founded by Fabio Peroni who has 30 year old experience in the sphere of high technology research field. During three years company has conquered a lot of markets including those of Japan, Russia, Finland, Norway and many others in Asia.

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The company is very sensible to the needs of clients and it is always developing using modern technologies but keeping individuality and delicacy of the style. Brand’s collections include parkas and coats, bombers, raincoats, models with fur for men and women. The main pride of the brand is ultra light down parkas. They weigh less than 90 grams, made from the patented fabric B-Stretch which are irreplaceable when travelling. The style of MONTECORE means individuality, bright colors, unique style and, it goes without saying, flawless quality; it means functionality which can’t be separated from esthetic feelings. Each piece of clothes will serve you as long as it is possible saving original condition, look and form. It will give you comfort in any weather no matter if it is raining, windy, and it will be a perfect companion for you in sport.
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