‘MORESCHI’ is the italian brand of premium footwear, which produces men’s shoes and has recently launched the its own women’s line. The small family business was started in 1946 in vigevano, but due to the high quality of the produced items the company quickly became recognisable in the whole world.

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Apart from quality ‘MORESCHI’ makes emphasis on the eco-friendliness of their production – even the cardboard shoeboxes and paper bags are recyclable, let alone the natural materials used in production, among which there rather precious species, for example the leather of crocodile, lizard and ostrich. The latter is of special value due to its natural ‘décor’ – the scaly pattern of follicles. The style by ‘MORESCHI’ is the refined simplicity combined with elegance: the company offers the classic shoe designs as well as the versatile lines of footwear for every season. The brand’s diverse assortment comprises a wide range of designs, beginning with the classics to the most extravagant models distinct for the exclusive designer’s solutions. The uppers of the brand’s footwear and the entire 'TIROLO’ shoe line, the brand’s pride and highlight, are manufactured by hand. Many celebrities has showed preference for ‘MORESCHI’, and Pope Benedict XVI is also among them. Besides footwear ‘MORESCHI’ produces excellent belts, purses, wallets and the bags made of the soft calfskin.

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