If you prefer uggs in cold weather you should pay attention to the British brand MOU. The brand appeared in 2002 due to Shelley Tichborne. The concept of the brand is more or less typical to Australian fashion style — it involves the combination of the naturalness, nature motives serving to satisfy urban needs.

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The basis of the shoes is sheep fur that is used in all beloved by everybody uggs but the style can be different. Still the style is more typical to loafer shoes characterized by style forming elements such as belts, heavy buckles, long goat or antelope fur or mink fur. They can as well have woolen details, for example some with knitted high boot tops which you can tuck the way you want. The colors are mainly natural. The sheep fur is processed with application of the highly sophisticated processes which make it soft, elastic and water and cold proof. The backcloth is made from warm thick felt, the sole is light and elastic — each pair of shoes weighs no more than 350 grams and can be used for several years. All collections are handmade, the masters use special sature line and high quality wool thread — this technology makes each pair of the shoes unique. Customers are granted with a special right for special service which guarantees the repair and renewal of the shoes in case of necessity. The style, comfort and extravagancy of the brand MOU is highly valued by many celebrities among whom we can name Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani and many others.

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