Niche perfume brand makes highly concentrated oil perfume — 70 percent of aromatic oil and 30 percent of neutral. This concentration has its own name — Parfum Fin, and Nabucco owns it exclusively. The brand has original concept and philosophy: four pillars — knowledge, exposure, work, and translation give free scope to thoughts and actions carrying energy and the idea of Nabucco. This is an encounter of perfumers and archaeologists together creating perfume artifacts and almanacs.

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Application of oil perfume is a sacrament and a ritual. It should be applied slowly with a glass stick massaging into the skin while it is turning into a scented cloud. This way the oil shows exclusive features: it doesn't leave an evident trail of scent but wraps a person in a special aromatic aura. The brand was established in 1997 and every year it produces a limited number of bottles. There are three aromas: one for women — Amatys, and two for men — classic Nabucco and LOV produced in 5, 20 and 60 ml bottles. The last-named bottle is made of light and dark crystal and is a great interior decor.

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