The swimming and beachwear brand Natayakim appeared in 2014. It was founded by Natallia Yakimchyk — Moscow it-girl, columnist of glossy magazines, model who took part in fashion shows of Chloe and Chanel. The idea to create her brand has come to her mind because of her love to the sea — spending much time on the sea shore inevitably becomes the reason for the beachwear to become the main detail of the wardrobe.

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In spite of the deceiving simplicity the beachwear demands a lot of attention. That is why Natallia has a very strict approach toward each collection trying of course, not to forget about creativity. By the way she advises using two kinds of swimming suits for those who adore spending time on the beach — bikini for sunbathing and one-piece swimsuit for creating special looks. The brand is highly valued by our stars — Ksenia Sobchak, Victoria Bonya, Elena Perminova and many others. Natayakim swimsuits are flawless — they can be described as ideal combination of the design, silhouette, colors and materials. «Geometric» swimsuits made in the technique of color block are always in the centre of attention as well as special collections for mothers and daughters, and special evening models. Natayakim production is situated in Italy, only high quality materials are used which have been certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard100. In 2017 the line of specially designed sport wear which helps to support the muscles tension was created.

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