Pantheon Roma is an Italian perfume brand established in 2013 which dedicates its scents to the painter Raffaello Santi. Incredibly rich compositions focus on modern perfume trends as well as on classic themes. The brand's concept lies in the creation of rich sensible scents; scents that can be a treasure and a decoration. The names of the creators of the first four scents are kept in secret.

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Trastevere and Dolce Passione scents were created with the participation of Arturetto Landi. The scents are produced in Extrait de parfum concentration in 100 or 50 ml bottles. Dolce Passione is a gourmet composition with nut butter, truffle, honey, vanilla ice cream, sweet liquor from candy and... a scent of childhood! A truly bright flavor for an outstanding person. Donna Margherita is a classic albiflorous scent with increased density of white color. A fragrance of glowing cleanliness. A blazing gardenia, a glaring jasmine, and a delicate tuberose. IL Giardino is like rose petals in a cold stream. Extremely delicate and sensible rose scent with great disclosure and apple fragrances.

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