PAUL & SHARK is a brand for the captains of their lives! From Sanremo to Portofino, from Cannes to Positano - you could see the yachts with PAUL & SHARK flags everywhere: the company has been a sponsor of the international sailing regattas for many years. Nowadays PAUL & SHARK boutiques could be found allover the world and always include sailing decor.

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The easily recognised interior made of red wood and accompanied by blue walls. Deep blue shade has a special meaning for PAUL & SHARK - it's a brand's signature colour which reminds of the sea adventures and relaxing mediterranean atmosphere. The designers especially like to combine the favourite colour with red and white stripes on famous polo shirts, which became a distinctive quality feature of the brand. Traditions are very important for the brand, they are aiming to satisfy their customers who are not used to save on their comfort. Therefore the famous milanese brand paying a special attention to the quality of the clothing and accessories. For example, thermofleece - the new generation of materials, developed by nasa for cosmonauts - it's warmer than down and is used for the lining for outerwear and hats. PAUL & SHARK even has it's own research and development centre. They are studying and testing the new materials and adding them to the production and also analysing the test results from the professional yachtsmen who are using PAUL & SHARK equipment. At the moment PAUL & SHARK in four different directions - men's and women's lines, teenage apparel and golf line. Men's line has a huge variety of colours, designs and sizes - up to 5xl. It's a leisure wear which is equally comfortable for a golf match and for a sunday brunch. PAUL & SHARK found a perfect combination of elegance and comfort which is suitable for every occasion.

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