He Japanese designer Issey Miyake is the chief optimist in fashion. He creates clothing for his own pleasure and shares the positive emotions with others. His ideas closely correlate with the latest technologies, art and philosophy. He released his debut collection at the age of 25, he drew inspiration from the national japanese costume, though worked as an assistant at ‘GIVENCHY’ and ‘GUY LAROCHE’. The ethnic allusions are the constant attributes of the Miyake’s works: the samurai armour, bamboo umbrellas and japanese lanterns convert into dresses, coats and tops.

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As opposed to the european fashion, which aims to emphasize and single out, Miake wraps, drapes and conceals. Few people are aware that Miyake has worked out more than 300 of the high-tech fabrics on his own! He is the owner of a great number of titles and awards, a few of them are as follows: he was awarded the arts and philosophy ‘KYOTO PRIZE’, received the title of ‘Chevalier de l’ordre national de la legion d’honneur’ (the legion of honour) and was included in the list of the honorary doctors of the Royal College of art in London for introduction of a new type of plisse fabric. It is a unique material that does not require the wear-in and keeps disguised all the seams, elastic bands and waistbands, and this totally coincides with the japanese concept of beauty. The line ‘PLEATS PLEASE’ by Issey Miyake appeared in 1989, its name is self-declarative and defines the line’s essence. Miyake aimed to create a fabric, which would combine the elegance of the pleated designs and functionality, and he achieved the expected results: the items made of this fabric are light, one-size, crease-resistant, washing-fast, perfectly fitting and may easily slip into a tiny bag. This innovative texture was patented and became extremely popular. It entailed the opening of the separate boutiques ‘PLEATS PLEASE’ in Japan, the USA and Europe. Nowadays the brand keeps successfully developing; it is an individual, optimistic, light and sunny clothing of cheerful colours. Similar to other Miyake’s lines, this clothing based on the simple but important principles of functionality is extremely comfortable and easy to wear.

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