Liliya Pousovit started her career way back to the end of the 80's. At that time she was the beginning Soviet designer, then — Ukrainian and now she is a successful European designer whose collections have captivated The Fashion Week many times. Even during hard times of 90's Poustovit had plenty of customers: she was dressing Sophia Rotaru, Ruslana Pisanka, Katerina, and Vitalina Yuschenko, Kristina Orbakaite, Vera Glagoleva, Tina Kandelaki.

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Now POUSTOVIT is the European ladies' wear label, timeless in its casual elegance. Its aesthetics shows the audacity verging upon the sense of moderation. Dresses, prints, sensuality, positiveness, and confidence compose the present-day brand's concept. The collections' basis is the facile-styled dress combining both modern and ethnic patterns, which makes you feel comfortable and fresh. Special cut, original prints, simple shapes and surprising design solutions are the features of every collection. POUSTOVIT woman is harmonious, strong, yet feminine personality. She grinds on and the clothes complement her character, giving you the sense of completion. As for materials, Liliya Pousovit prefers working with soft flowing natural textile — silk, wool, cotton having the complex yet natural colors, and professional constructors guarantee the perfect cut.

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