The italian shoemaking craftsmanship is renowned for its centuries-old quality of handiwork. The handicraft shoemaking, similar to the old vine, gets only better with age; so does the brand, which has expanded its assortment and now, besides traditional shoes and sandals, also produces own sports footwear: it’s the exclusive handmade sneakers by ‘PREMIATA’.

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This modern brand, associated with quality, style, youth and healthy living, has celebrated its 130th anniversary. The company was established in 1885 by the Mazza Family. Initially it used to be a small shoemaking workshop, but the production kept developing. In 1991 Graziano Mazza registered the trademark of ‘PREMIATA’ and launched the production of men’s and women’s shoes and the collections of sports footwear. The company cherishes the old craftsmanship traditions, but doesn’t limit itself to them. Elegance can be easily combined with sports style, and the craving for discoveries – with necessity of preserving the traditions. The brand’s line of sports footwear captivates with the riot of colour and the use of light materials in combination with the top-quality italian leather and soft perforated suede. The designers of ‘PREMIATA’ believe that the sports footwear will keep evolving and never lose its ground.

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