Puredistance is a Dutch brand of niche perfume founded by the photographer Jan Ewoud Vos in collaboration with the most talented perfumers of our age: Roja Dove, Annie Buzantian and Antoine Lie. Exquisite classic compositions are made from the most expensive components in pure perfume concentration which means the highest fragrance concentration, complex disclosure, and maximum persistence. This is a journey to yourself through the eternity; these are the scents that don't accentuate individuality but put it on a whole new level.

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The collection package is handmade and every scent is signed personally by Jan Ewoud Vos. Moreover, according to niche perfume traditions, only selected boutiques have the right to represent Puredistance. This means that the brand lovers wear one of the rarest and most precious perfumes in the world. We proudly announce that VIP GROUP stores are one of them. The clients have the opportunity to buy the favorite scents in 17.5 or 60 ml bottles, there are also special calf-skin cases for 17.5 ml bottles.

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