The brand RASARIO was founded by the designer Rasida Lacoba in 2012. The basics of the collections is formed by the fancy evening dresses, cocktail dresses making emphasis on the beauty and individuality of each girl and woman. The iconic dress is the bustier dress, the one easily recognized and famous all over the world.

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Corsets for such dresses are handmade and it guarantees ideal fit and impressive and refined lines. The brand and the designer don’t aim to create the most fashionable looks having sophisticated design. The main values of the brand are the fit and the construction, they allow to create ultra feminine looks which can be brighten up any event everywhere in the world. RASARIO is always a spectacular advent. Even prêt-à-porter models are luxurious and festive. «When a woman comes wearing RASARIO — no matter how pathetic it sounds, it is true — she is always remembered», — Rasida comments.

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