The contribution to the existing perfection, the go-between between the look and the mood, the total integration – all these are the constituents of the brand's fashion philosophy. 'RHEA COSTA' was established by the romanian designer Andreea Constantin and nowadays it is the resort for the hundreds of celebrities in their search of the ideal evening dress.

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Femininity and sensuality, graceful silhouettes and play with textures – the peculiar features of the dresses by 'RHEA COSTA', which were distinguished by many of the it-girls and society women and which turned the extremely gorgeous attires into the indispensable must-haves. 'RHEA COSTA' definitely has reasons to be loved for – the brand has long ago become a synonym for the delicate, romantic and very sensual style. Each look by 'RHEA COSTA' is composed of the numerous nuances: the airy transparency of the fabrics, the neat embroidery, the modern cut and the fanciful, but never abundant decor. Every dress is unique and special. Some of the models can be worn during the day and, if it's necessary, may be easily transformed into the evening attire.

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