RINDI is not only a prestigious high quality furs, perfect cut, modern design and, of course, luxury. Tuscan company is a pioneer in the field of italian fur fashion. Brand is managed by Brunello and Monica Rindi, brother and sister, and they continue the work of his father Edo Rindi. Each season RINDI creativity embodied in three fashion lines: RINDI, JOLIE and MONICA RINDI.

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The spotlight are the Barguzin Sable. Over the years, Brunello Rindi became an expert in the field of russian sable fur, personally selecting each auction pelt. RINDI comes up with the perfect design and original silhouettes of the sable fur coats, and combinations of different textures and colors fragments. It is an incredible combination of luxury, impeccable style and beauty, which can not leave indifferent any person, even far from the material world.

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