«Refinement but simplicity and passion to the highest quality» — that is the way Roberto Ricetti describes his brand and the philosophy of his brand. The brand was founded in 1986, the basics of the collection was presented by men underwear, shirts, sleep wear, and the clothes for rest. Women’s line is presented as well.

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High quality Italian materials are used which provide comfort for every day wear and pleasant tactile feelings. Organic cotton, linen, silk and mixtures of materials are used and decorated by original prints. Italian masters pay the maximum attention to the design and construction which appear to be almost perfect. The design of the collections is usually laconic as far as high quality doesn’t need to be adorned too much. Really luxurious things are simple. Poberto Ricetti can be called etalon — it is a perfect choice of a modern man and his partner meeting all the requirements of their active and energetic life.

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