Relevant and dynamic brand, with ultra-modern style and easy french nonchalance, turned 90 years old! Name Marcel Rochas was popular in the old and the new world. In 1925 he opened brand Rochas, and the clients immediately appreciated its elegant feminine style.

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Couturier was the first who used the new lace guipure, he created a bustier, skirt with pockets and coats with three-quarter sleeves. Among his clients were Marlene Dietrich and Carole Lombard; an example of that period can be called evening dress with «mermaid's tail». After the death of Marcel Rochas his business continued by wife Helen, but she was engaged only in perfumery. In the 80s and 90s it were released about 10 iconic fragrances, and in the nineties restart of Rochas also was announced. The first collection of Peter O'Brien, he replaced by Olivier Theyskens… in 2008 the art director was Marco Zanini, and in 2013 they became the Alessandro Dell'Acqua. He managed to keep the authentic spirit of Rochas, its parisian chic and romance, recycle them in a modern manner. As before, Rochas is young, dynamic and freshness in daily collections and refined sexuality in the evening; femininity, elegance, modest luxury, attention to details and high quality throughout.

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