Italian brand produces perfect men's trousers. Since 1962 founder Ampelio Rota convinces men that pants should occupy the first place in the successful male image. Trousers ROTA steel base clothing that can replace the classic, suits, sport trousers or even jeans. It differs in the famous neapolitan cut and made of natural fabrics of the best italian quality.

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Trousers are always elegantly narrowed, helping legs look longer and the whole figure slimmer. The tailoring process controlled at every step, attention is paid to the length of the step and the side seams, the width of the leg, lined and waistband. Classical models are made in the traditional colors, but ROTASPORT line has a bright colors and fun prints. If your weight has changed, it is possible to adjust the complete trousers within the same size. Bright color models will complement the t-shirt, white shirt and sneakers, classic ROTA trousers will be an ideal option for the winter. Included with the shirt and coat these proven models will allow a person to remain solid even without a jacket and tie.

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