Only a few people know that almost all evening and wedding fashion are practically owned by Middle Eastern designers. Lebanese designer Saiid Kobeisy is one of them. Clothes he created look torn from the pages of a fairytale: hand-embroidered shining dresses so attractive that one can't take eyes off them. However there's no magic in Kobeisy's work, all the collections are the results of his hard work.

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The Saiid Kobeisy brand combines oriental magnificence and European trends. Each detail impresses deeply: an exquisite embroidery, rich fabrics, delicate point lace, sober noble colors, the shine of accessories and beads, dim glitter of brocade. Only a person with an extremely imaginative thinking could create such bright and creative clothes which bring out feminine traits. Each woman wearing these clothes looks statuesque and graceful, the fits make the figure look slimmer. Also it is worth noting that Saiid Kobeisy's stand-alone dresses are the example of the perfect ratio of price, quality, and design.

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