The history of Salvatore Ferragamo brand has started in Bonita, Italy, where the founder was born. After moving to USA in 1914 Salvatore Ferragamo starts his footwear production for the Hollywood industry. In 1927 the official logo was created which is known allover the world and his main inspiration were cinema and luxury of Hollywood.

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The development and the financial success came to the brand in 1960 when his wife became a manager of the company. Many shops were opened and the selection was growing. His designs were very popular among the Hollywood celebrities and royalty and he was named by the media "The king of shoemakers, the shoemaker of the kings". In 1995 florence has opened the museum dedicated to Salvatore Ferragamo. He made a numerous innovations in the fashion - the first one to create a metal base for the stiletto heel, the first one to combine different material and textures. Nowaday Salvatore Ferragamo brand, inherited by the third Ferragamo generation, is producing mens and women's pret-a-porter lines, fragrance, jewellery, watches and accessories. Salvatore Ferragamo style, bright and daring at the beginning, became more discreet and elegant but kept it's individuality and extravagance.

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