For the 30 years of its history 'SANTONI' has gained its impeccable reputation among the best producers of the men's footwear and the deluxe accessories. 'SANTONI' is the family business, derived from a small domestic atelier. Its founders are Andrea Santoni and his wife Rosa and nowadays the company is managed by their children – Ilenia and Giuseppe Santoni.

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The philosophy of the brand is simple and indisputable: the production of the high quality articles, individual approach to every customer and his demands and the entirely made-in production. Having gathered the rich ten-year experience, the brand entered the global markets. By the initiative of Ilenia and Giuseppe the brand underwent significant transformation and it keeps evolving: in the 90's the brand opened its factory on production of moccasins, in 2005 – launched the women's line. Besides the unparalleled design of the shoe models, the company pays special attention to the quality of leather and the precise match of the shoe's upper and sole. Giuseppe Santoni exercises control over the whole production process from beginning to end. The valuable technologies of hand-made stitching and dying are carefully observed and transmitted from generation to generation of the brand's masters. All the work is performed manually as true exclusive ought to be made. Among the remarkable projects featuring 'SANTONI' there are the sports footwear line 'SANTONI FOR AMG' released in collaboration with 'MERSEDES-AMG', the collection 'SANTONI club — SANTONI olympic' produced especially for the 2008 summer olympic games in beijing and the release of the luxurious and costly collection of shoes encrusted with diamonds in collaboration with montblanc.

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