Italian denim brand is well known in Europe. Its concept: jeans is not a street uniforms and pants for offices, but a way of life and a means of expression. Mark puts on a special quality of denim, his finishing and dyeing process of indigo on the traditional national recipe.

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Denim for SCISSOR SCRIPTOR is made only in Japan or Italy from high quality cotton fibers with the addition of cashmere and silk. This allows to create a special slim and soft denim and give it a shadows of handwork. Such kind of denim allows to make great jeans for any occasion - comfortable and stylish. Mark Skillfully uses accents: contrasting red stitching, hand polished gold or silver-plated buttons, labels of crocodile skin, python or calf, which can be made to order. However, SCISSOR SCRIPTOR is not just a manufacturer of high-quality jeans, but, above all, high-class, luxury, corresponding to the highest level.

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