The story of CHLOE brand has started in 1945 when designer Gaby Aghion presented to Christian Dior few dresses. Inspired by the success, she had set up small tailor's shop and had named it «Chloe» — it was the name of one of her friends working there. The first fashion show was in 1956: it was a collection of gossamery feminine dresses.

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Further collections were quite diverse up to the 60's when the company got Karl Lagerfeld. It is maestro who made a lot for the House to gain the status of a fashion empire. In the 70's the brand had such customers as Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Maria Callas, Grace Kelly, but in the 80's after Lagerfeld left the company, there wasn't any headline shows or any good collections. Only in 1995 when Stella McCartney took the helm the company progressed. In her first fashion show, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss participated. The style of CHLOE resonated with McCartney — she dropped off the House only in 2002 and had left behind the strong and efficient company. Since the end of 2017 onwards, the creative director of the brand is Natacha Ramsay- Levi. Her image of CHLOE woman is a tribute to Gaby Aghion's collections and to the whole style of the brand. It's the balance democratism and femininity: gossamery dresses, embroideries, organic materials, clear cut, and tailoring. See by Chloé line came up in 2001. Its features are the authentic style, romanticism, Paris charm and a bit of retro. It includes fully ready-to-wear collections which are perfect for dynamic city life and activity holidays.

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