This is a european brand offering a wide-range clothing and leather accessories – fashionable and functional, elegant and durable. The company was established on the basis of the already existed manufacture in 1975 in France by Henri Zaks and his wife Seraphin, who's name it inherited. The head office is still located in the historical building and the three manufactures are situated in Milan and Paris.

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While producing its coats, trenches, jackets, blazers and skirts, 'SERAPHIN' principally takes care of the quality of the used material – the leather. It may be the leather of reindeer, elk, llama or the finest sheepskin from castile. Each model is carefully worked out, cut and tailored in detail. The articles by 'SERAPHIN' are often finished with elements of suede, cotton, wool, silk, fur, with rhinestones or metal accessories of the excellent quality and design. Every item is the best choice for those who aim to be trendy and have a bent for the natural materials. The brand's assortment may suggest a leather garment for any season and occasion: trousers, skirts, suits, dresses, blazers and vests, not to mention the outerwear. Every article by 'SERAPHIN' is unique, it is a real piece of art, because 'SERAPHIN' knows how to deal with leather and always offer their clientele its best.

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