This Italian brand was founded in the middle of the 40's by Stefano Serapian — an Italian with Armenian roots. From the very beginning till the present days the brand produces leather bags and accessories of the highest quality and perfect style. One can identify the brand by the specific leather «mosaic» — leather strips plaited into the unique pattern.

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In the 70's Stefano's son Ardavast took the helm of the company. Actually, recent SERAPIAN history has begun since that moment — Ardavast created radically new leather goods collection in the spirit of that times. From the beginning of the 00's they involve leading designers from Milan and London in the process of creating their fashion lines. As it was before, all the items are manually made and packed strictly in Italy and all of them went through multiple quality control procedures. Anything — an elegant bag as well as tote traveling bag — can be customized at your desire. The brand has a wide range of accessories: fashionable backpacks, briefcases, bags and laptop cases, suitcases, borrows, cases, document cases, traveling bags, women's bags of all colors and sizes, all decorated with the house logo — fancy «S» letter.

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