Italian brand Sermoneta Gloves produces gloves which can be considered the best in the world. The first tailor shop appeared in 1960 and since that time the collections have been developing and improving. Cashmere, leather, suede, lace, silk gloves are iconic items of the brand. Each of them is a brilliant combination of different combinations made up from a number of elements reflecting creativity and modern technologies.

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Collections are renewed each season, men and women collections are produced which are elegant and ideal for every day. Each new collection demonstrates unique combination of classics and modern trends. Laces, clasps and other accessories are chosen exclusively for the brand. Another important peculiarity of Sermoneta Gloves is the variety of colors. From classical black color as well as beige one to yellow, indigo, pink, violet — everybody can find his peculiar color or a color shadow. It is worth mentioning that Angelina Jolie was wearing exactly Sermoneta Gloves in the film «Tourist».
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