'STILE LATINO' is a menswear brand enunciating the neapolitan style. 'Blazer is the second skin. Blazer is a treat. Blazer is the life-style.' – the brand's principles sound enthusiastic and impart the impulse for success.

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The company established by Vincenzo Attolini in 2005 is considered a main apologist of the neapolitan tailoring tradition. All the items are produced in the italian town of casalnuovo di napoli and the designer team work there too. The 30 young skillful master, trained by Attolini himself, manually produce 20 suits per day. The company's owner exercises control over the whole process of production and checks all the details: stitches and seams, shoulders, sleeves, collars and buttonholes. The catalogue of templates and patterns is kept in the studio with restricted access. The brand does not use any hard insets, shoulder supports or crinolines in its articles – the thought out design allows creating the light, soft, flexible, elegant and comfortable suit. 'STILE LATINO' guarantees comfort in travel and convenience for transportation in luggage; wearing the clothing by 'STILE LATINO' one may freely bend down, lean or move his body without hesitation and fear that the stitch could tear. As for the design, the brand sacrifices the restrained formal elegance to more easy and refined style. 'To make it real, not to fake it' is the statement that fully coincides with the credo of 'STILE LATINO'.

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