The name of the brand is associated with a family history of italian Somme, founded the oldest knitted manufacture in the world. The name came from the symbol of the Bari city, Castello Normanno-Svevo: in Bari Nikola Somma has worked since 1892. This point is reflected in the logo: the horse figure symbolizes freedom, efficiency, masculine elegance. The company has become the leader of the italian knitwear at that time.

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In 1955, Mario Somma, continuing his father's work, founded the modern production SVEVO PARMA, focusing on the collection for men and later for women. All of them have extraordinary ease, perfect design and color intensity. The company also produces an accessories: ties and scarves. The preference is given to exclusive materials: mongolian cashmere, silk, tasmanian wool of 15.5 microns and superfine cotton. In order to obtain the desired texture and softness of the yarn is treated with wax, thread are moving carefully and get the maximum light. Elegance and quality of SVEVO, without frills, was and still is the main advantage of the brand. Interestingly, the hallmark model, polo shirt, is present in each collection regardless of the season.

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