Italian brand Tagliatore is striving to be the best paying attention to each detail. For almost 80 years the brand has been producing men collection and has started to produce women collection either. These collections include exclusive suits and jackets being characterized by special design and perfect level of production. Tagliatore is a family business, run by the third generation of Lerrario today.

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The business was founded in 1940 and till now it is still a successful enterprise due to the effective management of its creative director Pino Lerario and his three brothers. Each item, be it a shirt, a jacket, a vest is produced in a strictly limited number. Fabrics and accessories as well as the level of the work is absolutely perfect. Jackets which can be used in any situations are made by Italian masters following all traditional technologies. Apart from finest quality Tagliatore has another prominent characteristic — it looks as if it is especially intended to be very brutal which is combined with adornment and elegancy. We mention adornment not by chance — the brand is famous for its bright and noticeable decorations: contrasting stitches, pocket handkerchief or vest chains. New colors, new forms and silhouettes appear in the look book every season, still there are a lot of elements which have already become landmarks of the brand: dark blue color, wine colors, stripes and checks.

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