TARDINI – The history of Tardini family symbolizes the main principle of Italian traditional hand-made work, where professional knowledge and craftsmanship of leather treatment is passed from generation to generation. The company was established by Luigi Tardini in 1958 and specializes on manufacturing accessories from exotic leather types.

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From the beginning, Tardini family has been exporting alligator and crocodile leathers from USA and South America, and nowadays are co-owners of crocodiles farms in Florida and Eastern Texas. It is fair to mention that the company does not only use nature’s resources, but also cares about its replenishment by supporting alligator population. All Tardini products — purses, belts, shoes, briefcases and other accessories — are true items of luxury. All production steps are carefully monitored, starting from leather choice and ending with its treatment; each item is crafted manually. The work with expensive feedstock is done in the Italian factory. Masters tint leather with patented method and reach impressive aesthetic effects by cultivating material with wax and sea sponges. Recently, the company decided to increase their assortment by creating the first collection out of yak leather. Tartini’s name is widely known in the whole world and the level and quality of his accessories’ work impress even the harshest critics. Furthermore, Tardini is a great gift for a person that’s hard to surprise and whom deserves enormous respect.
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