This is an oldest italian brand tracing back its history to the beginning of the xx century, when Dorino Della Valle founded a small manufacture in the italian province. Initially all production used to be labelled as ‘JP TOD`S ’.

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The release of the iconic moccasins in 1978 turned to be a real breakthrough in the brand’s history. Their conception was designed by Diego Della Valle, the founder’s grandson, who endeavoured to produce smart and professionally-designed footwear, which could be worn everyday as well as for a particular occasion. That was how the model 'gommino’ with the trademark sole of 133 rubber pebbles came to life. In 1997 Diego Della Valle expanded the brand’s assortment with a collection of classic but modern bags in the hallmark style of ‘TOD`S’. It may require more than a hundred operations to complete a bag or a pair of shoes from the point of leather processing to the producing of the item’s tiniest elements, and may involve more than 35 types leather. Most of the processes are performed manually. The brand’s production is based in Italy and this guarantees the authentic quality. In 2006 ‘TOD`S ’ released its first prêt-à-porter collection in collaboration with Derek Lam. In 2008 ‘TOD`S ’ established cooperation with the deluxe eyewear manufacturer ‘marcolin’ and presented a line of bijouterie. The brand’s items are favoured by Sienna Miller, Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Uma Thurman, Scarlett Johansson and many other celebrities.

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