The classic american style, combining the elements of sports design, casual and a touch of vintage motifs constitute the basis of this brand. Its founder Tory Burch, before establishment of her own company in 2004, has accumulated impressive experience in the fashion industry by working for the prestigious brands. She knew exactly what style of clothing may be highly demanded. From the very first collection the brand never focused on the particular items, but always aimed to suggest a total look, all elements of which would be complementary and contributing to the entire image.

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The accessory line by 'TORY BURCH' reached the popularity level of the brand's main line and even it exceeded it: in 2008 tory was named the best accessory designer, having surpassed Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. The footwear, bags and sunglasses by 'TORY BURCH' rapidly turn bestsellers. In general the brand’s style can be defined as the mix of comfortable clothing and the eclectics based on the adoptions from the fashion styles and trends of the past. The designer herself often reiterates that she draws inspiration in the photographies of her parents. Each collection by 'TORY BURCH' presents the optimum match of clothing and accessories, these ensembles have clear applicability and may easily fit any wardrobe. Regardless of the brand’s relatively short history 'TORY BURCH' has its own recognisable profile. Its style comprises pure, intense colours combined with retro prints: from the abstract and graphic ones, through the striped or natural and floral patterns to the ethnic ornaments, and certainly – the inevitable boho-chic attributes: embroidered and taped tunics, full skirt flowing dresses and some more conventional ensembles. The basis of TORY BURCH’S collections consists of the functional items, such as trench cats, jackets and dresses – all featuring the designer’s prints. Every article by 'TORY BURCH' conveys optimism, ease and naturalness. For this particular reason the brand is appreciated by many celebrities, among them: Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, and Miranda Kerr.

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