It is one of the best-known shoe brands from Australia which turned into a household name, and its signature boot style has become extremely popular around the globe. It is believed that the ugg boots, which basically are sheepskin felt shoes, own their origin to Australian surfers. It is important to keep feet warm after the surfing; this is how these comfortable and warm boots came into existence, and they are fit for walking on sand, they warm when it is cold and keep the natural body temperature in the summer.

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Besides Australia produces the best sheepskin, so the choice of the shoe material was really obvious. This way the name «ugg» came from the surf culture and became a brand. The brand produces ugg boots in the widest range of colors, insoles are made purely from natural wool, all the seams are done manually with a double thread which is impregnated with a specific solution; wool is trimmed where necessary. A plastic base is put under the doeskin to make sure that the heel stays in its place and the sole is hard enough. For cold countries, there is a specially engineered thick polyurethane sole. Among other technical advantages of these boots is self-regulation of the temperature, so feet don't suffer from the heat during the summer and from the cold during the winter. Nowadays everyone wears ugg boots of all kinds of designs. The designers of the brand find inspiration in the color diversity of Australian landscapes and make shoes in fashionable colors: lilac, deep blue, olive, hazelnut, fuchsia, light gray as well as the natural earth color. There are styles decorated with zippers and buttons, ones made for specific anatomic features, some that look like made of distressed leather, etc. Cameron Diaz, Denise Richards, Ksenia Sobchak, Alla Pugacheva, Claudia Schiffer, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez and Katie Holmes — all are dedicated fans of UGG. Men also keep the pace: Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom and many others.

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